Hello world!

This blog is created with the idea of helping you make your own dresses, this is something I would have liked to find when my doll arrived and here it is now. If you would like me to further explain any step or post more detailed pictures or whatever you need, please write a comment or contact me and I will!. If you consider there is something missing leave a comment and help me to make better posts in the future =D

In the ‘Contact me’ section I will be adding new things about myself, you will also find a link to my Flickr as well as a form to stay in contact. Do not hesitate on writing any question!

‘My Blog’ explains what guided me to create this one.

Inside the ‘Doll measurements’ section I will add all the measures, so you can have a quick look whenever you need them. At the moment I only own a mini Ddung, but in the future…who knows!

And finally, I have to say I’m not a professional, but enjoy very much doing all this. I wish this helps you and you enjoy making new outfits as much as I do, so If you create something with my patterns, I would love to see your photos!


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