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Welcome to my store!

Hi everybody!

The store is finally open!! =D It took me some time to get it ready, but I’m really enjoying it. From now on, you can find the link to my store on the right side of this post

Visit my store

The store is called ‘Hanako’s Closet’, I named it after my first mini Ddung. (Note to my other dolls: I love you all, don’t be jealous =P). Everything in my store is handmade and hand-stitched with care and love. Why do I say that? Normally people would say: make it with the same care and passion as if it were for yourself, but I go beyond. If I am sewing a dress for my doll and something goes wrong (maybe I will show you some of this stuff soon 😉 ), I try to amend it in the best possible way and then my doll will wear it, with no problem. But if I am sewing something for you and a little thing goes wrong, I will not send it to you, I will start again and make a new one. Because I want it to be perfect.

Also, as all is made by hand, could be that not all stitches are equal in size and could also look a bit messy in the inside part, although I try it to be as neat as possible ^^ (I will also show you some pics if you want), but that’s the charm about handmade stuff, what gives you the feeling that someone has been working on it, what makes them unique =)

Happy Hanako

At the moment there are only a few outfits, but lots of beautiful fabrics are on the way (or should be =P). I have also designed several new dresses and am really impatient about putting my hands on this. If you are interested, remember that you can also join me in Pinterest, I will be pinning there the new outfits as soon as they are finished.

Please, visit me, have a look at my new outfits and let me know what you think, will you? ^^ All your comments and feedbacks are greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!

Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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Hot news!

Hey all! So here I am with more news ^^

If you have a look at this page, you will find new stuff.

In a first place, I have finally completes the “Doll measurements” section. Currently there are also the measures for mini Ddung (as it is the only doll I have right now). If you are interested, I could add the measures for the mini Bratz Baby as well. Also, it would be great if you send me the measures of your dolls, as I’m sure it would help some people (myself I’m very curious about the sizes, as I’ve never had other of these dolls in my hands)

In a second place, I’ve also fallen in the Pinterest fever. I only started it some days ago, but I’m starting to like it a lot, you can really find amazing stuff =)

Join me on Pinterest =)

By chance, I found there La Ratita Tejedora and liked all her boards, I inmediately started following her. She has patterns for several dolls and collected a lot of dollies lovely ideas. I recommend you to visit her =) Oh! you can also find the link to my Pinterest on the right bar. I will update it with new designs! =D

What more? Oh! Since I’m opening a store I considered convenient to link to it from this blog. You can find the link in the right bar too. Remember the opening is tomorrow! At the beginning there will only be a few outfits, but just give me some time =P I hope you come along!  Here I offer you a small preview of some of the outfits you can find:

Lovely Fuyumi

Sweet hanako

And in relation to this matter, last week I ordered quite a lot of new fabrics to and I still haven’t received them… I placed the order almost two wees ago so I guess they should be home soon… I hope they don’t delay any more as I can not wait to start sewing my new designs! =P

Have you ever purchased from them? Do you know any good place for buying fabrics?

Share your Pinterest with us! Tell me in the comments! =D


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Safe and sound!

Hi again all of you! =D After a few months I’m back again!

First of all, sorry for dissapearing like that. I got an overload of things to do between the university and work, that made impossible for me to even sew a single dress for my dolls =( So yes, since February my little dolls have been abandoned and I haven’t touched a needle!

So, as an update, by the end of July I finished my degree in Spain =D and a few days later I came back to Ireland were my girls were waiting for me. I resumed sewing soon with a lot of ideas I left pending. Cool!

And here is another update: from now on you will be able to find my outfits on my online store ^^ I’ve been working on it these past days, I have also created some new outfits and I have already ordered lots of new fabrics to go on sewing! =D At the moment

The opening will be next Saturday, August 24th, don’t miss it! 😉 I hope you like it and hope to hear your comments! =)

And that’s all for today. I still have much to do regarding the online store so I must go back to work. More news soon!

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How to look like Agnes, from Despicable me

Hi again!

I made this one in Christmas but I haven’t had the time to post it yet.

At Christmas I saw the movie ‘Despicable me’ (Gru mi villano favorito, for my Spanish readers) again and love this character. I already knew how to make the overalls so I just needed to add a T-shirt and I will have the a mini Agnes for me =P

Agnes-despicable me


The patterns for the overalls are in this post so this time I just need to add a T-shirt.


All the pictures were taken in my house in Spain, hence the bunch of pictures with different plushies! ^^ Enjoy!







Awww, this girl is adorable!!


 Hoping to see all of them soon! =D

I am going back to Spain in some days so hopefully I get more active. What about you? Do you have many plans for the coming days?



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Struggling my head

Here I am, struggling my head about the new outfits! There is a specific dress that is making me have extra work. I’m not gonna say yet what is this about, but I really wanted to make one of this for my Ddung =D

I have no idea how this kind of dresses are done. I’ve been looking for tutorials about how to make them for real people and watching videos in Youtube and more or less I took the idea… I couldn’t find much detailed information, but I’ll manage anyhow.

I will only give you a clue on what my new dress will be, I am sure any of you will guess it! With this and some more things you already know about me, you should guess…=)


And here I continue, drawing, trying, drawing again… and as I only have those two pieces of fabric, I can not take the risk of doing it wrong… I have only one chance! I think I will have to definitely look for the way of obtaining bigger pieces of fabric. I was thinking about a kind of sponsor that could provide me with beautiful and different fabrics for my projects and in exchange I could refer to his webpage in every post. Have you ever done something like that? Do you know someone who could help or a better way of doing that.


At the moment, I have some fabrics that will let me continue with this for some time, but I’m afraid this is arriving to an end, I have to find something soon! =D


And for those moments of stress, my brain needs extra sugar! (those babies are delicious! =P)

Also, in a few days I will have my holidays and I’m already doing the planning . Nowadays, my ToDo list for Christmas looks as follows:

– Take some pictures in a beautifully decorated-for-Christmas park (It has to be tomorrow!)

– Finish designing my patterns for Christmas (I have 3 outfits in mind, I’m not gonna say until they are ready! =P)

– Complete section ‘Doll measurements’ in the blog

– Look for fabrics, threads, buttons…

– Get another doll

– Think about how to get better pictures

And think this is enough! Now is time to relax and rest of this busy week. I will go and celebrate a friend’s birthday and get ready for a good start tomorrow. Enjoy your friday and see you all soon! Hugs! 😉



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Smell like Christmas!


Christmas is almost here but what is already here is Winter, bbbrrrrrr! I actually can not complain because  Winter here is being better than Summer (in Summer it was raining every day =( ) but is quite cold. So I made an outfit for Hanako according to the season.


This one is not new, I mean, I made it before creating the blog but still didn’t show you, so thought that now was a good moment ^^

cold_face cold_side

This one was quite difficult for me, I never made long sleeves and as it is so tiny was a bit complicated. I also wanted her to have earmuffs. Those were one of the very first things I bought when arrived to Ireland, you don’t   need them in the south of Spain from where I am, and it was something totally new for me, so warm! ^^ So yes, I did also a pair of earmuffs for Hanako matching with her dress.


And soon… I’m going on holidays back to Spain =D =D Christmas, Christmas! I’m looking forward to it, I want to visit my family, enjoy all the good food =P, see my friends… look for Christmas presents! I will also have more free time so I will look for fabrics and stuff in order to keep going with more new dresses to show you. So many things to do!


And what about you? What are your plans for Christmas? Do you have your presents ready? Don’t be late and enjoy!!

See you =)


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How to make a (oh so adorable) strawberry dress

Hi everybody!

Here I am again with a new outfit to show you. This time I was not able to take a lot of pictures through the steps because it has been very busy, but I hope to make it clear how to obtain this =) As always, if you have any question I’ll be happy to help you out! Here it goes, the super sweet strawberry dress!



This time is a complete outfit with a dress and a beret. It’s so sweeeeet! This one requires more time and is a bit more complicated than the previous one… but don’t panic! it will be easy if you follow my steps =) I hope you saved some time so you are able to make one of this for your dolls. They will look cute! ^^

Let’s start!


For this dress I will use strawberry fabric (you can use the fabric you like, of course!), tulle and ribbons.

First of all, you’ll need the patterns (click to enlarge).


Once you copy it into your fabric, remember to add some extra fabric to fold. I started making the skirt, it is composed by two different parts: the skirt itself and the petticoat. For the skirt you just need to sew the bottom part of it and the sides. For the petticoat, baste the down part and sew the sides. Once this is done, add the tulle to the petticoat. I used three straps of tulle, 24 cm long each, but this is your choice =) The more tulle you use, more volume for the skirt. Fold it like in the picture below and sew it in one of the extremes to avoid it to unfold. Dont sew it too tight because the point of this is to give some volume to the skirt 😉


When you have all the tulle ready, add it to the bottom part of the petticoat. You have now the skirt on the one hand and the petticoat on the other. Baste them together in the top part. Well done! We already have the most difficult part! ^^ Let’s move to the other part of the dress.


In this case sew all the pieces individually. Do not sew the bottom part of the top, as we need to sew it together with the rest of the skirt. So yes, once you have them separately it’s time to join them together, making the whole dress. How is it going? So far, this is how the inside of your dress should look like:


In order to make it look sweeter, I completed it with ribbons ^^ One along the waist and another one for the straps.


Here you can see some detailed shots.


Now it’s time to complete the outfit! How to make the beret:

This hat is veeeery easy to make, I had no idea about how to do it but I observed the beret of one of my dolls and saw that it´s only a simple circle! We also need a long strap for the border. I cut a circle with a diameter of 9 cm (just because I ran out of fabric… :S maybe if you make it a bit bigger is more beautiful ^^)


Sew the circle along the border, using big stitches, like in the picture:


Once you have completed it, pull the thread and adjust it to the head of your doll



Noooo, is not yet finished… but almost! Next step, fold the long piece of fabric that we are going to use to adjust the beret to the head of our Ddung, baste it…


… And sew it around the border of the beret. Note that in this picture the ‘beret-to-be’ is upside out, so can sew it, then reverse it again and all the beautiful thing stays out =)


Again, I added a ribbon for extra cuteness. Here are the results!






What do you think? Isn’t she the cutest Ddung ever?? I’m really in love with this one. I hope you’re enjoying it! If you use this patterns for your dolls, I would love to see the results =)

Have fun and see you soon!


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