Introducing Sylvanian families

The other day I went to a shopping center and saw them. I already knew them, bacause I saw them in many Flickr pages and some other shops, but never bought any because they are a bit expensive… BUT in this shopping center all the toys were in special offer so… They came home =P


There are lots of pets and also in different sizes and with looooots of complements. If you want to have a look to all the variety that exist, you can visit their web page

My two baby mice still have no name and I am not sure if I will call him somehow, but they did have time for playing with Hanako, Natsuki, Fuyumi and Luke =)


I will have to stop looking at this picture because such cute dolls plus such cute pets is too much cuteness!



Now having some fun with the baby mice ^^

And talking a bit about everything, in the following days I would like to resume the sewing days and have some new outfits for the girls. Luke will have to wait because I don’t feel like making some trousers at the moment =P More dresses soon!


And what about Sylvanian families? Do you already knew these pets? Do you have any? Which one is your favourite?

See you soon!

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How to look like Agnes, from Despicable me

Hi again!

I made this one in Christmas but I haven’t had the time to post it yet.

At Christmas I saw the movie ‘Despicable me’ (Gru mi villano favorito, for my Spanish readers) again and love this character. I already knew how to make the overalls so I just needed to add a T-shirt and I will have the a mini Agnes for me =P

Agnes-despicable me


The patterns for the overalls are in this post so this time I just need to add a T-shirt.


All the pictures were taken in my house in Spain, hence the bunch of pictures with different plushies! ^^ Enjoy!







Awww, this girl is adorable!!


 Hoping to see all of them soon! =D

I am going back to Spain in some days so hopefully I get more active. What about you? Do you have many plans for the coming days?



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Say Hello to…

This is my new boy, also a present from my boyfriend ^^ I called him Luke in honor of Luke from Proffesor Layton. I love those games and when I saw him I thought he look very similar. Maybe they don’t, but that is how I see it through my eyes… =)


This is the raincoat mini Ddung. He was supposed to have reddish hair, but in the end he has the same hair colour as Hanako. When I asked the seller about that, he replied that “Ddung factory may change hair colour without previous notice”. So well… the truth is that I chose him because of his reddish hair but I will love him the same =D


I ♥ Professor Layton!

Here are some pictures of the arrival…


And once I removed his hoodie… look at his hair! So long and so bad, poor boy! So I just took my scissors and made him look much prettier =P



I hope you like him ^^

And that’s all for today, already 4 mini dolls. One of the first things I would like to make for him is a blue cap as Luke’s one =P

Do you have any doll inspired in a game or movie’s character? I’m curious!

See you soon and enjoy the weekend.


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Belgian chocolate, just so good…

We are already back from Brussels! And in our new apartment, everything went right! =D

And as Brussels is famous for its chocolate…


I totally love it! Also bought some of them for my parents, hope they like it too!


Can we eat it??

The girl in the shop was very nice to us and gave us that small box od Belgian chocolates. I am so grateful, they are delicious! We also tried some macarons but I didn’t like them very much, to be honest.


♥ ♥ ♥

So well, now that we just moved into this apartment we will not have Internet for a while, I mean, I can access Internet with my phone but not as for writing those long posts I used to ^^. So from now on I have decided that it is better to write only small posts (but a lot! =P) than no writing at all because I don’t have the time to compose them.

So be ready to receive all the updates I could not post on the past days!!

Also, I will take the time to catch up with your blogs. Do you have many news?

See you soon again! ^^

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A little update =)

Yes! I am still here! =D

First of all, sorry for not passing by as often as I used to, but I have been inmersed in other duties.

As you already know, I was focused on my project for the University and that took almost all of my time. Then I encountered a problem with it and had to think for a new method to make it work… Currently I am waiting for some of the new pieces to arrive. Patience…

In the meantime, my housemates decided that they were leaving the house. We had five days to look for new housemates. Our search did not get any results so we had to leave the house as well asap! =( More stress!! Thanks to a friend this process is being less painful as we are staying with them while we find somewhere to go. Here comes the drama again: we found a nice apartment, paid the deposit, filled in a form and today received a call from the agency saying that we may not be having the apartment as there was also another couple interested! Conclusion: I am currently waiting for a call just to know if I will get that apartment or not… not a pleasant situation at all =(

Well, let’s get this apart for a moment and focus on the good things. Starting for the closest one, my boyfriend and I are going to Brussels for the weekend, another place to add to the list! =D


Also, I’ve been planning our next holidays. Still more than a month to it but I don’t want to miss anything! This is going to be a wonderful trip to a place I’ve always dreamt of, New York!! =D Oh, I’m so excited! Flights and accomodation are ready, Another great plan (I will reveal it in te future) is ready =P Now it’s time to decided which attractions to visit and to find any other unusual places to go to. Ideas? Suggestions?

As an unrelated matter, I’ve been playing with some apps for the phone and have to say that I loooooooove photo editing applications =P Hence, the photos you are seeing in this post Aren’t they lovely? ^^ All of them made using Lab. This is a free application and has sooooo many frames! Try it if you haven’t yet 😉


And now, regarding this blog, I still have lots of ideas (even more) to post in the blog. So just for you to know what is coming next:

– I have a new pattern to upload, is almost ready. Is it inspired by an animation character.

– Also, about a week after Fuyumi arrived, another brother arrived to my hands (so here you have a clue, this time is a boy). Of course this was another present from my boyfriend =P

– Lots of ribbons, laces and ornaments for upcoming dresses joined my team. This means super cute dresses =)


And that is all by now. I hope to be here again soon with more things to show you. And what about you? In what are you working these days?

Enjoy, see you and take care =)



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A new member!

Hi everybody!

How are you? I know I’ve been missing for a lot of time and have so many new things to show you and tell you! But as I told you in my previous post, I have some goals for this new year and the first one is to finally finish my project for the University, so I’m working hard on it!

Since I arrived from my holidays, I’ve had no time:no time for sewing, no time for crafting, no time for taking pictures… although I did manage to keep visiting blogs in some my spare time. I also have yet to plan some trips we are going to do in the following months =D I will tell you about them later on!


But well, now I needed to make a pause so I can show you my new mini Ddung. This one is a Christmas present from my boyfriend =). Is the mini Ddung #12 from the Garden Party collection. Now I have the brunette and the blonde ^^

Fuyumi means ‘Winter fruit’ in Japanese. So now I have girls for Spring, Summer and Winter… I need one for Autumn! I already have one in mind, but this time is gonna be a boy ^^

Once we ordered it, she arrived very fast. I was surprised that the delivery from Korea took less than a week! Unfortunately she is a faulty doll… her joints are quite stiff and the legs can hardly move, but she is lovely!



I can’t wait to have another break so I can keep posting some of the new stuff, however we’ll need to be patient.

Thanks all of you for continue visiting my blog even mow that there is no much activity (I’m sorry!) and thanks Liber for asking for her in your comment! You made me feel the need to write something about her, even being only a brief introduction like this one. More and better photos coming soon =P

I had great ones by my family and boyfriend ❤ and hope you had nice presents too. Which one was the most special for you?  Did you missed something?

See you and take care =)


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Happy new year! Welcome 2013!

The title says it all! A new year is coming and I wish you all the best!


I am aware (we all are) that we are living hard and difficult situations at the moment, my Spanish visitors know what I am talking about although I am afraid we are not the only one in that situation, but I hope that for next year things don’t go worst.

I don’t want to look pessimistic, I’m quite a positive and happy person so take now all your good moments from last year and welcome the coming year with a huge smile.



I’m just back from my holidays, I enjoyed every moment with my family and friends, the weather was great (I couldn’t believe it was Winter) and the food was even better =P



Yummy!! All for me =D



And now, as every year, here are some goals for the new one =)

– finish my project for the University
– establish more and better connections with bloggers
– make more outfits, and more handicrafts in general
– retake my love for reading
– travel even more!
– more cooking and less fast food
What are your resolutions for this New Year? Enjoy your night and have a very good one! =D
See you soon!

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