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This blog is created with the idea of showing you how I make clothes for my mini Ddung, this it is something I would have liked to find when my doll arrived and now I’m having my own. I will post photos and tutorials and would love to share with you patterns and ideas. I am not a professional, but I hope this will help you to finally start and make some dresses for your doll.

Since the very first moment when I ordered my Ddung, I knew I wanted to make lots of outfits for her. I started looking everywhere for patterns, measures, etc… but found nothing. So she arrived and I started making some simple dresses for her, then I added more details and I have some of them now ^^

Even if you don’t have a mini Ddung, I hope this blog inspire you to sew some lovely clothes for any of your dolls. If you want to learn or show your own creations, welcome! =D

Also, if you would like me to further explain any step or post more detailed pictures or whatever you need, please write a comment or contact me in the ‘Contact me’ section and I will =D


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