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How to reroot a doll’s head (success!)

Hi! I’ve just finished this laborious task. I ‘ve rerooted Natsuki’s head and I can say I’m happy with the results! =D My fingers are a bit painful, but it is worthy! This is the before (left) and the after (right)


Just to be clear, I haven’t changed all her hair. What I’ve done is to ‘grow’ hair in the parts where she was bald. She originally came with a pony tail, but I wanted her to wear her hair down, like Hanako does. When I untied her pony tail… bad surprise, she had lack of hair letting visible the plastic of her head =(


My first thought was to tie again her pony tail and deal with it, but I wasn’t happy with that. Normally, when I want something I manage to make it by myself so this time had to be the same. I did some research on the Internet and saw how other girls changed the hair of their dolls. So, why not? I decided to do it too.

I have to say that this is not difficult, but it’s laborious and requires time. I’ve spent about 6 or 7 hours to complete the job. Would I go it again? Yes, I really love Natsuki with her new look ^^

If you are undecided about wether you should do, here I teach you the steps for a successful rerooting!

First of all, you’ll need the hair you want to implant to your dolly, scissors, a big needle, pliers and glue. As you have seen in a previous photo, Natsuki’s hair was very long so I cut it and used this same hair for the implants.


I also added a lock of purple hair =) I used this


Also, if you find it difficult to pop out the head, you’ll need to heat it first. In this case, dip your doll’s head in a glass of boiling water until the head becomes squishy. To do so, cover the head with a small gauze and introduce it in a plastic bag. I needed around 5 minutes to get the head squishy enough.


Be careful now because some of the mechanisms they have are a bit strange. If you have a Bratz Baby, this is what you will find


In this picture, the right line is almost done.


This is how I got there:

1. Take a lock of hair. Don’t take too much as it will be difficult to pass all that hair through the hole of her head. Don’t take too little as you will need to implant more locks to have the head complete.

2. Thread the needle with the hair. It is easier if you twist the hair before. Then tie a knot and add some glue to avoid unpleasant issues.

3. Take the head of your doll and choose where do you want to implant that lock. Open the hole with the needle.

4. Pass the needle through the neck of your doll and look for the hole where you want to ‘grow’ this hair.

steps (1)

Some locks later, the second line was finished, but Natsuki still had some bald parts. I went on implanting more hair all over her hair


Finally, crosslink the hair from both lines to obtain no visible plastic.


Voilà! She is done! =D She looks beautiful now and it will be easier for me to create hats for her =P


Natsuki is also very happy with her new style and she is already asking for new outfits. I better get down to work!

My big question now is: after so much touching her hair, should I wash i? And if so, how? I am a bit scared of damaging her hair with the soap or drying it wrong. Any advice?


Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

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This is Natsuki

Hi everyone! Now is time to introduce Hanako’s sister. This is Natsuki and she’s a Bratz Baby. Natsuki means ‘Summer princess’ in Japanese.


She was a Christmas present from my sister some years ago. I don’t remember clearly now, but I think that I already tried sewing something for her and didn’t work… Well, now she is lucky, since I tried on her Hanako’s dresses and checked they fit great her wardrobe will become bigger =)

Without any doubt, she will look better with the dresses I’m going to make for her. I would like to give her that childish and sweet look ^^


Natsuki with her stuff: clothes, tiara and bottle.


I think this Chinese dress looks better on her that on Hanako =P


And finally an attempt of a dress in crochet, this was done even before Hanako arrived.


I just realized that I have to work a bit on her hair, is a bit messy…

And well… so far, I don’t have anything else to tell about her. I will be uploading more photos in the following days.

See you soon!

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