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How to look like Agnes, from Despicable me

Hi again!

I made this one in Christmas but I haven’t had the time to post it yet.

At Christmas I saw the movie ‘Despicable me’ (Gru mi villano favorito, for my Spanish readers) again and love this character. I already knew how to make the overalls so I just needed to add a T-shirt and I will have the a mini Agnes for me =P

Agnes-despicable me


The patterns for the overalls are in this post so this time I just need to add a T-shirt.


All the pictures were taken in my house in Spain, hence the bunch of pictures with different plushies! ^^ Enjoy!







Awww, this girl is adorable!!


 Hoping to see all of them soon! =D

I am going back to Spain in some days so hopefully I get more active. What about you? Do you have many plans for the coming days?



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How to reroot a doll’s head (success!)

Hi! I’ve just finished this laborious task. I ‘ve rerooted Natsuki’s head and I can say I’m happy with the results! =D My fingers are a bit painful, but it is worthy! This is the before (left) and the after (right)


Just to be clear, I haven’t changed all her hair. What I’ve done is to ‘grow’ hair in the parts where she was bald. She originally came with a pony tail, but I wanted her to wear her hair down, like Hanako does. When I untied her pony tail… bad surprise, she had lack of hair letting visible the plastic of her head =(


My first thought was to tie again her pony tail and deal with it, but I wasn’t happy with that. Normally, when I want something I manage to make it by myself so this time had to be the same. I did some research on the Internet and saw how other girls changed the hair of their dolls. So, why not? I decided to do it too.

I have to say that this is not difficult, but it’s laborious and requires time. I’ve spent about 6 or 7 hours to complete the job. Would I go it again? Yes, I really love Natsuki with her new look ^^

If you are undecided about wether you should do, here I teach you the steps for a successful rerooting!

First of all, you’ll need the hair you want to implant to your dolly, scissors, a big needle, pliers and glue. As you have seen in a previous photo, Natsuki’s hair was very long so I cut it and used this same hair for the implants.


I also added a lock of purple hair =) I used this


Also, if you find it difficult to pop out the head, you’ll need to heat it first. In this case, dip your doll’s head in a glass of boiling water until the head becomes squishy. To do so, cover the head with a small gauze and introduce it in a plastic bag. I needed around 5 minutes to get the head squishy enough.


Be careful now because some of the mechanisms they have are a bit strange. If you have a Bratz Baby, this is what you will find


In this picture, the right line is almost done.


This is how I got there:

1. Take a lock of hair. Don’t take too much as it will be difficult to pass all that hair through the hole of her head. Don’t take too little as you will need to implant more locks to have the head complete.

2. Thread the needle with the hair. It is easier if you twist the hair before. Then tie a knot and add some glue to avoid unpleasant issues.

3. Take the head of your doll and choose where do you want to implant that lock. Open the hole with the needle.

4. Pass the needle through the neck of your doll and look for the hole where you want to ‘grow’ this hair.

steps (1)

Some locks later, the second line was finished, but Natsuki still had some bald parts. I went on implanting more hair all over her hair


Finally, crosslink the hair from both lines to obtain no visible plastic.


Voilà! She is done! =D She looks beautiful now and it will be easier for me to create hats for her =P


Natsuki is also very happy with her new style and she is already asking for new outfits. I better get down to work!

My big question now is: after so much touching her hair, should I wash i? And if so, how? I am a bit scared of damaging her hair with the soap or drying it wrong. Any advice?


Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

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How to make a (oh so adorable) strawberry dress

Hi everybody!

Here I am again with a new outfit to show you. This time I was not able to take a lot of pictures through the steps because it has been very busy, but I hope to make it clear how to obtain this =) As always, if you have any question I’ll be happy to help you out! Here it goes, the super sweet strawberry dress!



This time is a complete outfit with a dress and a beret. It’s so sweeeeet! This one requires more time and is a bit more complicated than the previous one… but don’t panic! it will be easy if you follow my steps =) I hope you saved some time so you are able to make one of this for your dolls. They will look cute! ^^

Let’s start!


For this dress I will use strawberry fabric (you can use the fabric you like, of course!), tulle and ribbons.

First of all, you’ll need the patterns (click to enlarge).


Once you copy it into your fabric, remember to add some extra fabric to fold. I started making the skirt, it is composed by two different parts: the skirt itself and the petticoat. For the skirt you just need to sew the bottom part of it and the sides. For the petticoat, baste the down part and sew the sides. Once this is done, add the tulle to the petticoat. I used three straps of tulle, 24 cm long each, but this is your choice =) The more tulle you use, more volume for the skirt. Fold it like in the picture below and sew it in one of the extremes to avoid it to unfold. Dont sew it too tight because the point of this is to give some volume to the skirt 😉


When you have all the tulle ready, add it to the bottom part of the petticoat. You have now the skirt on the one hand and the petticoat on the other. Baste them together in the top part. Well done! We already have the most difficult part! ^^ Let’s move to the other part of the dress.


In this case sew all the pieces individually. Do not sew the bottom part of the top, as we need to sew it together with the rest of the skirt. So yes, once you have them separately it’s time to join them together, making the whole dress. How is it going? So far, this is how the inside of your dress should look like:


In order to make it look sweeter, I completed it with ribbons ^^ One along the waist and another one for the straps.


Here you can see some detailed shots.


Now it’s time to complete the outfit! How to make the beret:

This hat is veeeery easy to make, I had no idea about how to do it but I observed the beret of one of my dolls and saw that it´s only a simple circle! We also need a long strap for the border. I cut a circle with a diameter of 9 cm (just because I ran out of fabric… :S maybe if you make it a bit bigger is more beautiful ^^)


Sew the circle along the border, using big stitches, like in the picture:


Once you have completed it, pull the thread and adjust it to the head of your doll



Noooo, is not yet finished… but almost! Next step, fold the long piece of fabric that we are going to use to adjust the beret to the head of our Ddung, baste it…


… And sew it around the border of the beret. Note that in this picture the ‘beret-to-be’ is upside out, so can sew it, then reverse it again and all the beautiful thing stays out =)


Again, I added a ribbon for extra cuteness. Here are the results!






What do you think? Isn’t she the cutest Ddung ever?? I’m really in love with this one. I hope you’re enjoying it! If you use this patterns for your dolls, I would love to see the results =)

Have fun and see you soon!


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How to make easy dresses

Hi! How is Sunday going? As promised, here are the patterns for making the dresses I showed you in this post. You will see they are very easy and quick to do. If you are using felt, you just need to cut the piece of felt as shown in the pattern, add the details you like and sew the button. If you are using fabric (as I’m doing in the example), remember to add extra fabric in order to make the hem.


Depending on what kind of dress you wish, you will need to modify the pattern. These are the variations I did (click on the image to enlarge):

Alice pattern (I used the same for the lion and tartan dresses)


Snow White pattern


Chinese pattern 


All of them are quite similar. To make it easier for you to see the differences I took a picture of all of them together.


For this tutorial, I used the Chinese pattern . I’m going to show you how I used this one in order to sew a dress in fabric.

In first place, cut the pattern and copy it to your piece of fabric, make sure you have enough to fold. For me it was a bit complicated as the fabric was very small, and that is why I just could have a narrow dress, but I managed =)


Then just start folding and start basting. I did first the bottom part, then one of the sides, the part of the arms, the front and the other side.


Once this is done, put it over your doll and check that it fits her and that there’s enough fabric to close it in the back. I hope it is perfect! Now, sew the definitive stitches, I used a red thread so it isn’t easy to appreciate the stitches… if you look carefully you’ll see them, they are so small! In my case I don’t have a sewing machine and it’s all handmade, but if you do, you’ll have it in a heartbeat 😉


Finally, sew the straps to the back part of the dress and add the button.


We are finish! =D



Just to complete the model, I would add some sandals for her and create a more chinese style =)

I hope you enjoyed this post and have loads of cute ideas. With a bit of imagination you can really obtain cute dresses in a short time. What else would you make with these patterns? What are your ideas?

Have fun and see you!


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How to make a dungaree for your mini Ddung

We are going live! This is my first post and I am going to start with this. So far, everything I’ve made for her were dresses but I want her to have more variety. I love this kind of clothing but found it difficult to make… so I decided to give it a try to see what happens! It didn’t come out too badly! =P

Hanako with her new dungaree

First of all, it was time of improving my technic. Just wrapping my doll with paper and draw over it was not a good idea any more. I draw her small body in a piece of paper and measure her. Definitely I can say now that it was very useful. You can find this information in the ‘Doll measurements’ section.

Once I did this, I took another piece of paper and started drawing the different pieces that make up the dungaree. This time I didn’t use my doll at all. I have to say that drawing the pattern this time was much easier that for the other outfits, contrary of what I thought first. Measures are in centimetres (click to enlarge):

Dungaree pattern

As mini Ddung is so ‘mini’ you don’t need a very big piece of fabric, even if you do not have enough fabric of the same type you can combine several scratches ;). In future post I will show you what kind of fabrics do I use. This time I used this small rectangle, all the pieces fit perfectly:Fabric needed

Now arrives the fun part! Transfer the model into the fabric, cut the pieces and start sewing.Messing around

Remember to add extra fabric to the pattern as you will need to hem, make sure to add enough fabric to fold. Remember also the extra fabric to attach the button 😉

When ready, baste the different parts, check everything is correct and sew the permanent stitches.

This is how I baste the bib:

The bib

And these are the long strap for the waist and the hem of one of the legs:

Parts of the outfit

After basting, apply the definitive stitches. In this case I use purple thread and try to make small stitches of the same size. I don’t have a sewing machine so the outfit it’s totally handmade. Be patient! =)

Here you can see the small purple stitches, keep in mind that this need to be completed with another row. There should be no spaces between stitches, just a purple line. When finished, removed the baste (the pink thread in my case).Small stitches

Once I have the individual parts ready, I begin joining the different parts. Here I messed up a bit and that’s why I don’t have any photo =P Now I’ve learned that it’s easier if you sew in first place the front part of the legs (the part that adjust the belly), then sew the long strap to the upper part of the legs and finally you sew the inner part of the legs so you end up with the two cylinder for the legs. You don’t have to sew the bottom part as we will use a button or velcro to close it.

Last steps, yayyy

As you will see in the above picture, I used a black button and a black ribbon for the suspenders. I didn’t mention it in the patterns, the ribbons are 3 cm long the visible part plus 1 cm in each edge, so I used a total of 10 cm of black ribbon.

How was it? Could you finish? Voilà!

Her new outfit is ready =D Do you like it? Do you have any difficulties?


 I will answer in the comments. See you soon! =D


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