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The waiting…


Here I am again just when I figured out that I still did not tell you what BJD I chose! So a few days later than I wrote my last post, I made my order to Fairyland. Probably you are not going to guess which doll is it because it is not between the pictures I uploaded 😛 But worry not, I will not let you hanging…

The lucky one was Pukifee Flora that (hopefully) will be arriving home by mid November, fingers crossed ^^ As I still don’t have my doll I will illustrate this post with some pictures taken from Flickr 😉 Click on the images to visit their Flickr pages:


And the title of the post comes from this: I read somewhere that for some people the waiting was the best part. Well, I can tell you that for me it isn’t xD I’m so umpatient!! I want her here so I can start sewing for her! 😛 Fortunately I have many other things that entertain me in the meantime, as for example the new Pokemon game 😀

Once she arrives I will start making dresses for her and in some time I will be having them for sell at my store. Talking about my store, there will be some surprises for you soon so keep an eye on the blog for more updates 😀

What do you think of this sweetheart?? Do you have any doll from the Pukifee family? If you have any ideas or recommendatios for her, tell me in the comments! ^^

Enjoy your day =)


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