Dolls : I fell in love with them ^^

01 Sep

Hola amigos!

The fabrics I ordered still haven´t arrived, so I could´t sew anything new this past week =( I was a bit dissapointed because they were supposed to arrive more than a week ago. 5 days ago they contacted me saying that some of the items were out of stock, thus the shipping still wasn´t completed >.< I contacted them straight away and am now expecting my order for monday (as per the information they gave me)

I will use this post then to talk about lovely dolls I recently discovered. They are BJD, and although most of them are all beautiful and very detailed I deeply fell in love with two of them: Lati Yellow and Pukifee from Fairyland. They are just so adorable!! Here are some pictures of my current favourites:

And these are the sources where I got the images from, in order:

Pukifee Pong Pong by

Pukifee Ante and Lati Yellow Lami by

And I repeat: I looove them. I stare at them and start to melt. The size, the shape or their bodies, the faces… they look so childish and are so cute! I can spend hours looking at their pictures in Google, their owners really know how to make them look charming.

I like the Pukifee Pong Pong because it is SO smiley and happy, opposite to the majority of dolls that have sad or melancholic faces. I understand that kind of expressions are so tender but after some time I would be so frustrated because I can not make my doll happy… That’s the main reason why I excluded other dolls from my list. My mini Ddungs are very cute but looks like they are never satisfied. On the other hand, Lati Lami has also caught my eye: if I decide going for the Lati it will probably be this one.

But there is one inconvenient I find here: the money. BJD tend to be quite expensive, and normally the price does not even include wigs or make up, what means you will have to pay an extra fee. At least, clothes wouldn’t be a problem for me since I would make her all kind of outfits =P I considered buying the specific paints and try to do the face up myself, but maybe it is a bit risky… What will you do?

Definitely, I know I will end buying one =P It´s being so difficult to make a decission! Both Pukifee and Lati have very sweet expressions, I have also read reviews about them and they both have some pros and cons… For example, I like the fact that Pukifee has a articulated body, but Lati has a very cute bottom. Also, I like more the way Lati’s head is attached to the body, but Pukifee has magnets for different accesories, on the top of Pukifee’s legs you don’t see the strings… I still need to work on my decission =P

Pics by

Apart from that, I still don´t know if it would be a brand new, or maybe a second hand (I am not really aware of second hand market in this field, but everytime I visit the Lati Yellow webpage, they all appear as sold and second hand is the only option I see available =( )

So if you know any good second hand market or have any recommendation, please tell me!

And please help  make up my mind! If you own or have seen any of the dolls mentioned above, I hope to read your comments. I know some people would say: go for both!!, but that is not really an option right now.

Also, I would like to know what are your favourites, so don’t hesitate to share them with me =D

I look forward to read your comments. Enjoy the Sunday!  ♥


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4 responses to “Dolls : I fell in love with them ^^

  1. Líber

    September 2, 2013 at 18:42

    A mi me encanta la pukifee por las orejas, que son como las mias,ja,ja pero si que es verdad que lo de los imanes es un rollo porque como se pierda una pieza la hemos fastidiado.
    La cara de las lati no me van mucho mis amigas tienen pero veo mas dulces a las puki.
    Eso si, puedes comprar una carita y luego un cuerpo obitsu chiquitin y ese ya no va con imanes ni con gomas (mis blythes llevan, al menos 2 de ellos).
    Y yo porque soy rara pero si compro me compro chicos y si son negritos o asiaticos me gustan mas, es que me canso de ver a todos tan blanquitos (yo en invierno soy leche, pero en verano endarme un poco el sol soy cafe,ja,ja).
    Sea cual se la que te compres sera preciosa y nos encantara y si fuera yo te diria eso una pukifee con cuerpo obitsu.
    Espero que mi comentario te ayude a decidirte y luego darme envidia,ja,ja

    • ilovemyddung

      September 2, 2013 at 19:01

      Hola Líber! Gracias por tu comentario ^^ Al final me he decantado por las Pukifee, son muy monas y me encantan las orejitas!! No había pensado que los imanes fueran un inconveniente, y tampoco se me había ocurrido comprar la cabeza sola. La verdad es que tampoco sabía que los obitsus no van con gomas, pensaba que era una característica de las BJD… como verás, soy bastante nueva en esto jeje. Más cosas en las que pensar … =P

      En cuanto al color, me gusta más el natural porque aunque yo soy como tú dices, leche, una Pukifee en morena no me acaba de convencer. Las veo con ojillos de elfa y me pega más un color clarito. De todas formas, el blanco me parece demasiado pálido.

      Y por ahora así estoy, foro por aquí foro por allá. Voy a echarle un vistazo a lo que me has dicho y en cuanto tenga más avances sobre mi búsqueda lo iré publicando, que emoción!! jaja

      Un saludo y gracias! =D

  2. retrosandie

    September 7, 2013 at 14:59

    Hi! These dolls are so cute, but pricey. I have to tell you – I’ve ordered my first ddung!!!!! I know it will take a while to arrive from Korea, but I can’t wait to receive her! She’s a mini, in pink. I also won a really cute set of Bratz babiez on ebay, and can’t wait for them to come also! I got my first in box brandy new Lalaloopsy-full size-from an auction-she is Pix E. Flutters with neon green silly hair. I did take some new pix of dolls I crocheted for, but haven’t uploaded them yet. I DO intend to do a blog and show pix of what I’ve worked on this summer. If I can just stay off the ‘net looking for patterns and dolls and amigurumi cuties!!!!!!! What are you up to??

  3. Lisa Astrup

    April 23, 2014 at 08:34


    Nice blog. 🙂
    I have a Pukifee Ante, and she stands like a dream, I love that, her posing is very good too.
    I’ll take a look at your shop becurse I need clothes for her, even if I can sew myself I like to buy things too 🙂


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