Belgian chocolate, just so good…

07 Feb

We are already back from Brussels! And in our new apartment, everything went right! =D

And as Brussels is famous for its chocolate…


I totally love it! Also bought some of them for my parents, hope they like it too!


Can we eat it??

The girl in the shop was very nice to us and gave us that small box od Belgian chocolates. I am so grateful, they are delicious! We also tried some macarons but I didn’t like them very much, to be honest.


♥ ♥ ♥

So well, now that we just moved into this apartment we will not have Internet for a while, I mean, I can access Internet with my phone but not as for writing those long posts I used to ^^. So from now on I have decided that it is better to write only small posts (but a lot! =P) than no writing at all because I don’t have the time to compose them.

So be ready to receive all the updates I could not post on the past days!!

Also, I will take the time to catch up with your blogs. Do you have many news?

See you soon again! ^^

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