A little update =)

30 Jan

Yes! I am still here! =D

First of all, sorry for not passing by as often as I used to, but I have been inmersed in other duties.

As you already know, I was focused on my project for the University and that took almost all of my time. Then I encountered a problem with it and had to think for a new method to make it work… Currently I am waiting for some of the new pieces to arrive. Patience…

In the meantime, my housemates decided that they were leaving the house. We had five days to look for new housemates. Our search did not get any results so we had to leave the house as well asap! =( More stress!! Thanks to a friend this process is being less painful as we are staying with them while we find somewhere to go. Here comes the drama again: we found a nice apartment, paid the deposit, filled in a form and today received a call from the agency saying that we may not be having the apartment as there was also another couple interested! Conclusion: I am currently waiting for a call just to know if I will get that apartment or not… not a pleasant situation at all =(

Well, let’s get this apart for a moment and focus on the good things. Starting for the closest one, my boyfriend and I are going to Brussels for the weekend, another place to add to the list! =D


Also, I’ve been planning our next holidays. Still more than a month to it but I don’t want to miss anything! This is going to be a wonderful trip to a place I’ve always dreamt of, New York!! =D Oh, I’m so excited! Flights and accomodation are ready, Another great plan (I will reveal it in te future) is ready =P Now it’s time to decided which attractions to visit and to find any other unusual places to go to. Ideas? Suggestions?

As an unrelated matter, I’ve been playing with some apps for the phone and have to say that I loooooooove photo editing applications =P Hence, the photos you are seeing in this post Aren’t they lovely? ^^ All of them made using Lab. This is a free application and has sooooo many frames! Try it if you haven’t yet 😉


And now, regarding this blog, I still have lots of ideas (even more) to post in the blog. So just for you to know what is coming next:

– I have a new pattern to upload, is almost ready. Is it inspired by an animation character.

– Also, about a week after Fuyumi arrived, another brother arrived to my hands (so here you have a clue, this time is a boy). Of course this was another present from my boyfriend =P

– Lots of ribbons, laces and ornaments for upcoming dresses joined my team. This means super cute dresses =)


And that is all by now. I hope to be here again soon with more things to show you. And what about you? In what are you working these days?

Enjoy, see you and take care =)



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2 responses to “A little update =)

  1. Jenny and John

    February 6, 2013 at 11:07

    god luck with the apartment and have fun in Brussels 🙂

    • ilovemyddung

      February 7, 2013 at 18:22

      All went fine! I am now living in a beautiful apartment ^^



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