Struggling my head

14 Dec

Here I am, struggling my head about the new outfits! There is a specific dress that is making me have extra work. I’m not gonna say yet what is this about, but I really wanted to make one of this for my Ddung =D

I have no idea how this kind of dresses are done. I’ve been looking for tutorials about how to make them for real people and watching videos in Youtube and more or less I took the idea… I couldn’t find much detailed information, but I’ll manage anyhow.

I will only give you a clue on what my new dress will be, I am sure any of you will guess it! With this and some more things you already know about me, you should guess…=)


And here I continue, drawing, trying, drawing again… and as I only have those two pieces of fabric, I can not take the risk of doing it wrong… I have only one chance! I think I will have to definitely look for the way of obtaining bigger pieces of fabric. I was thinking about a kind of sponsor that could provide me with beautiful and different fabrics for my projects and in exchange I could refer to his webpage in every post. Have you ever done something like that? Do you know someone who could help or a better way of doing that.


At the moment, I have some fabrics that will let me continue with this for some time, but I’m afraid this is arriving to an end, I have to find something soon! =D


And for those moments of stress, my brain needs extra sugar! (those babies are delicious! =P)

Also, in a few days I will have my holidays and I’m already doing the planning . Nowadays, my ToDo list for Christmas looks as follows:

– Take some pictures in a beautifully decorated-for-Christmas park (It has to be tomorrow!)

– Finish designing my patterns for Christmas (I have 3 outfits in mind, I’m not gonna say until they are ready! =P)

– Complete section ‘Doll measurements’ in the blog

– Look for fabrics, threads, buttons…

– Get another doll

– Think about how to get better pictures

And think this is enough! Now is time to relax and rest of this busy week. I will go and celebrate a friend’s birthday and get ready for a good start tomorrow. Enjoy your friday and see you all soon! Hugs! 😉



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3 responses to “Struggling my head

  1. Vicki M. Taylor

    December 16, 2012 at 17:36

    Absolutely adorable!!

    • ilovemyddung

      December 16, 2012 at 22:40

      Thank you Vicki =) I’m glad you like it!


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