How to make a (oh so adorable) strawberry dress

09 Dec

Hi everybody!

Here I am again with a new outfit to show you. This time I was not able to take a lot of pictures through the steps because it has been very busy, but I hope to make it clear how to obtain this =) As always, if you have any question I’ll be happy to help you out! Here it goes, the super sweet strawberry dress!



This time is a complete outfit with a dress and a beret. It’s so sweeeeet! This one requires more time and is a bit more complicated than the previous one… but don’t panic! it will be easy if you follow my steps =) I hope you saved some time so you are able to make one of this for your dolls. They will look cute! ^^

Let’s start!


For this dress I will use strawberry fabric (you can use the fabric you like, of course!), tulle and ribbons.

First of all, you’ll need the patterns (click to enlarge).


Once you copy it into your fabric, remember to add some extra fabric to fold. I started making the skirt, it is composed by two different parts: the skirt itself and the petticoat. For the skirt you just need to sew the bottom part of it and the sides. For the petticoat, baste the down part and sew the sides. Once this is done, add the tulle to the petticoat. I used three straps of tulle, 24 cm long each, but this is your choice =) The more tulle you use, more volume for the skirt. Fold it like in the picture below and sew it in one of the extremes to avoid it to unfold. Dont sew it too tight because the point of this is to give some volume to the skirt 😉


When you have all the tulle ready, add it to the bottom part of the petticoat. You have now the skirt on the one hand and the petticoat on the other. Baste them together in the top part. Well done! We already have the most difficult part! ^^ Let’s move to the other part of the dress.


In this case sew all the pieces individually. Do not sew the bottom part of the top, as we need to sew it together with the rest of the skirt. So yes, once you have them separately it’s time to join them together, making the whole dress. How is it going? So far, this is how the inside of your dress should look like:


In order to make it look sweeter, I completed it with ribbons ^^ One along the waist and another one for the straps.


Here you can see some detailed shots.


Now it’s time to complete the outfit! How to make the beret:

This hat is veeeery easy to make, I had no idea about how to do it but I observed the beret of one of my dolls and saw that it´s only a simple circle! We also need a long strap for the border. I cut a circle with a diameter of 9 cm (just because I ran out of fabric… :S maybe if you make it a bit bigger is more beautiful ^^)


Sew the circle along the border, using big stitches, like in the picture:


Once you have completed it, pull the thread and adjust it to the head of your doll



Noooo, is not yet finished… but almost! Next step, fold the long piece of fabric that we are going to use to adjust the beret to the head of our Ddung, baste it…


… And sew it around the border of the beret. Note that in this picture the ‘beret-to-be’ is upside out, so can sew it, then reverse it again and all the beautiful thing stays out =)


Again, I added a ribbon for extra cuteness. Here are the results!






What do you think? Isn’t she the cutest Ddung ever?? I’m really in love with this one. I hope you’re enjoying it! If you use this patterns for your dolls, I would love to see the results =)

Have fun and see you soon!


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4 responses to “How to make a (oh so adorable) strawberry dress

  1. mc

    December 9, 2012 at 14:42

    I love it! beautiful!

    • ilovemyddung

      December 10, 2012 at 20:54

      Thank you! This is now one of my favourites ^^

  2. Lieke

    June 27, 2013 at 14:42

    It’s soo cute, and it look soo fluffy!


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