Play time!

06 Dec

Only a week after Hanako arrived, I went on holidays to Spain. I took her with me and enjoyed a small photo shoot =)

playing9I went to my wardrobe and picked up some stuff from my Barbies’ children to play with her. Well, actually only two of them are Barbies, the rest are Nancys and Steffy Love, I liked them more because they didn’t use so much make upand the children are very cute. Anyway, my two Barbies are beautifull too ^^

Ok… as I was saying, I prepared a tiny playground for her and used my reading lamp as spotlight. This was my first time taking photos to a doll. Before that, I only used them for playing! =D





After playing, she was starving so decided to go for a picnic. Thanks to my sister for the picnic set =)


‘Where’s my cake?’


‘Om nom nom, yummy!’


‘Ssshh…I’ll give you later’


And that’s how it started. I enjoyed creating that small scenario and continued looking at pictures from other people in Flickr and the web. Some of them are wonderful and very detailed, other are sweet, other are original… I love it! And not only with Ddung, but with every kind of dolls, it’s amazing! ^^ And that’s all by now. Get ready your needle for next Sunday, there are some patterns waiting for you =D

See you!


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2 responses to “Play time!

  1. Cynthia

    December 10, 2012 at 06:36

    What a really cute idea. Wow, living in Ireland must be a fun thing. I am just down the road from you in England. I love the cute little outftits. I will definitely visit you again.

  2. ilovemyddung

    December 13, 2012 at 23:57

    Hi Cynthia ^^
    I don’t know why, your comment ended up in the spam folder and I have just rescued it! Living in Ireland… is fun when is not raining! haha, well, it’s a nice place, I can’t complain 😉

    Thanks for visiting, I will also have a look at your blog =D


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