This is Natsuki

05 Dec

Hi everyone! Now is time to introduce Hanako’s sister. This is Natsuki and she’s a Bratz Baby. Natsuki means ‘Summer princess’ in Japanese.


She was a Christmas present from my sister some years ago. I don’t remember clearly now, but I think that I already tried sewing something for her and didn’t work… Well, now she is lucky, since I tried on her Hanako’s dresses and checked they fit great her wardrobe will become bigger =)

Without any doubt, she will look better with the dresses I’m going to make for her. I would like to give her that childish and sweet look ^^


Natsuki with her stuff: clothes, tiara and bottle.


I think this Chinese dress looks better on her that on Hanako =P


And finally an attempt of a dress in crochet, this was done even before Hanako arrived.


I just realized that I have to work a bit on her hair, is a bit messy…

And well… so far, I don’t have anything else to tell about her. I will be uploading more photos in the following days.

See you soon!

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