How to make easy dresses

02 Dec

Hi! How is Sunday going? As promised, here are the patterns for making the dresses I showed you in this post. You will see they are very easy and quick to do. If you are using felt, you just need to cut the piece of felt as shown in the pattern, add the details you like and sew the button. If you are using fabric (as I’m doing in the example), remember to add extra fabric in order to make the hem.


Depending on what kind of dress you wish, you will need to modify the pattern. These are the variations I did (click on the image to enlarge):

Alice pattern (I used the same for the lion and tartan dresses)


Snow White pattern


Chinese pattern 


All of them are quite similar. To make it easier for you to see the differences I took a picture of all of them together.


For this tutorial, I used the Chinese pattern . I’m going to show you how I used this one in order to sew a dress in fabric.

In first place, cut the pattern and copy it to your piece of fabric, make sure you have enough to fold. For me it was a bit complicated as the fabric was very small, and that is why I just could have a narrow dress, but I managed =)


Then just start folding and start basting. I did first the bottom part, then one of the sides, the part of the arms, the front and the other side.


Once this is done, put it over your doll and check that it fits her and that there’s enough fabric to close it in the back. I hope it is perfect! Now, sew the definitive stitches, I used a red thread so it isn’t easy to appreciate the stitches… if you look carefully you’ll see them, they are so small! In my case I don’t have a sewing machine and it’s all handmade, but if you do, you’ll have it in a heartbeat 😉


Finally, sew the straps to the back part of the dress and add the button.


We are finish! =D



Just to complete the model, I would add some sandals for her and create a more chinese style =)

I hope you enjoyed this post and have loads of cute ideas. With a bit of imagination you can really obtain cute dresses in a short time. What else would you make with these patterns? What are your ideas?

Have fun and see you!


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7 responses to “How to make easy dresses

  1. mc

    December 2, 2012 at 13:42

    preciosos tus vestiditos y muchas gracias por los patrones!

    • ilovemyddung

      December 2, 2012 at 23:12

      Gracias a tí por pasarte. Espero que te sean útiles y puedas hacer algún vestidito para tus muñecas =) Ya sabes, el próximo Domingo más! Ya he pensado que pondré, os va a encantar ^^

  2. 최다해 gongjumonica

    December 4, 2012 at 08:50

    So lovely! I envy you. 🙂 I can’t even sew.

    • ilovemyddung

      December 5, 2012 at 00:16

      You can start with this example, is really easy and quick! How is your experience with sewing? =P

  3. Líber

    December 5, 2012 at 18:09

    Muchisimas gracias por los patrones.
    Acabo de recibir mi primera Ddung (segunda si contamos a Bong-gu como primero) y no sabia por donde empezar para hacerle ropa.
    Vives en Irlanda? En Dublin? El parque de al lado de St. Patrick Church esta chulisimo, podrias hacerle fotos a tu niña alli (pero leva cuidado que unos me tiraron un petardo alli y me queme la pierna, asi que ves antes de que anochezca)

    • ilovemyddung

      December 5, 2012 at 18:36

      Hola! Gracias por pasarte =) Espero que te gusten y te ayuden a ir empezando con la ropita para tu Ddung ^^ No vivo en Dublín, vivo en Cork y la verdad es que hay un parquecito que han adornado ya de navidad y estoy deseando ir para hacerle unas fotitos, lo que pasa que cuando termino de trabajar ya es de noche… en cuanto pueda irè! =D

      Si tienes alguna pregunta con los patrones, aquí estoy, y ve practicando que para el Domingo estoy preparando uno con más trabajito =P

      Cuando lo tengas sube las fotitos! Hasta luego!


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