Dresses for more dolls!

01 Dec

While I was working on my post for tomorrow I was thinking about another doll I have. She is a Bratz baby, a Christmas present from my sister some years ago. Her face is lovely, but her clothes are a bit …seedy. As her body is so tiny and her arms so wide, I couldn’t manage to make any outfit for her…well, the truth is that  I didn’t put much effort.


So I was preparing all the stuff for my new tutorial and though ‘Hey, what  if…?’, run to my room, take her and try some of my Ddung dresses on her… they fit perfectly!! =D I am so happy! I tried one and another and all of them suits her. Some were maybe a bit short, since the Bratz doll is a bit taller, but most of them are great.

Here you’ll appreciate the results. All of them, the original mini Ddung outfit and the rest of dresses I showed you in my previous post look great on her. These are some pictures I just took:




I really like this one on her, as it has a ribbon, it can be adjusted to her body. She looks so pretty!


I can’t believe I never tried before!

The dungaree does not fit her because her feet are way too big and it is impossible to make them go through the pants, also her legs are longer. That’s not any trouble, I will modify the pattern so she will also have one =)

Now this means that I have a new incorporation to the blog, she’ll be introduced soon ^^ Double the work! After all, doing something you enjoy is never a chore.

With this said, I will continue preparing my tutorial for tomorrow. Remember that tomorrow I will show you the patterns for making dresses like those, don’t forget to come along! If you find out that these dresses also fit in another dolls, please let me know in the comments! =D

See you!

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