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Happy new year! Welcome 2013!

The title says it all! A new year is coming and I wish you all the best!


I am aware (we all are) that we are living hard and difficult situations at the moment, my Spanish visitors know what I am talking about although I am afraid we are not the only one in that situation, but I hope that for next year things don’t go worst.

I don’t want to look pessimistic, I’m quite a positive and happy person so take now all your good moments from last year and welcome the coming year with a huge smile.



I’m just back from my holidays, I enjoyed every moment with my family and friends, the weather was great (I couldn’t believe it was Winter) and the food was even better =P



Yummy!! All for me =D



And now, as every year, here are some goals for the new one =)

– finish my project for the University
– establish more and better connections with bloggers
– make more outfits, and more handicrafts in general
– retake my love for reading
– travel even more!
– more cooking and less fast food
What are your resolutions for this New Year? Enjoy your night and have a very good one! =D
See you soon!

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First of all, hope you are all having great Christmas =) I am not posting very much these days and the thing is that I have no time. Shopping, meals, family… I want to spend all this time with them before I go back to Ireland =)

As an update, I can tell you that I’m currently working on a couple of outfits and hope to have at least one of them ready before my trip ^^

Also, I just found out that I have some pictures I haven uploaded yet!! So… while I go on sewing new ones you can check this out.


This cat costume is completely made in felt. The pattern I used for the dress is this one. For the head, I don’t have the patterns here right now but if you want them, tell me and I will upload them ^^



There are lots of Ddung with animal outfits, I started with the cat, cat costumes are always very cute. Which animal outfit is your favourite? Do you have any animal Ddung?


I hope you like it. Merry Christmas!! =D


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How to reroot a doll’s head (success!)

Hi! I’ve just finished this laborious task. I ‘ve rerooted Natsuki’s head and I can say I’m happy with the results! =D My fingers are a bit painful, but it is worthy! This is the before (left) and the after (right)


Just to be clear, I haven’t changed all her hair. What I’ve done is to ‘grow’ hair in the parts where she was bald. She originally came with a pony tail, but I wanted her to wear her hair down, like Hanako does. When I untied her pony tail… bad surprise, she had lack of hair letting visible the plastic of her head =(


My first thought was to tie again her pony tail and deal with it, but I wasn’t happy with that. Normally, when I want something I manage to make it by myself so this time had to be the same. I did some research on the Internet and saw how other girls changed the hair of their dolls. So, why not? I decided to do it too.

I have to say that this is not difficult, but it’s laborious and requires time. I’ve spent about 6 or 7 hours to complete the job. Would I go it again? Yes, I really love Natsuki with her new look ^^

If you are undecided about wether you should do, here I teach you the steps for a successful rerooting!

First of all, you’ll need the hair you want to implant to your dolly, scissors, a big needle, pliers and glue. As you have seen in a previous photo, Natsuki’s hair was very long so I cut it and used this same hair for the implants.


I also added a lock of purple hair =) I used this


Also, if you find it difficult to pop out the head, you’ll need to heat it first. In this case, dip your doll’s head in a glass of boiling water until the head becomes squishy. To do so, cover the head with a small gauze and introduce it in a plastic bag. I needed around 5 minutes to get the head squishy enough.


Be careful now because some of the mechanisms they have are a bit strange. If you have a Bratz Baby, this is what you will find


In this picture, the right line is almost done.


This is how I got there:

1. Take a lock of hair. Don’t take too much as it will be difficult to pass all that hair through the hole of her head. Don’t take too little as you will need to implant more locks to have the head complete.

2. Thread the needle with the hair. It is easier if you twist the hair before. Then tie a knot and add some glue to avoid unpleasant issues.

3. Take the head of your doll and choose where do you want to implant that lock. Open the hole with the needle.

4. Pass the needle through the neck of your doll and look for the hole where you want to ‘grow’ this hair.

steps (1)

Some locks later, the second line was finished, but Natsuki still had some bald parts. I went on implanting more hair all over her hair


Finally, crosslink the hair from both lines to obtain no visible plastic.


Voilà! She is done! =D She looks beautiful now and it will be easier for me to create hats for her =P


Natsuki is also very happy with her new style and she is already asking for new outfits. I better get down to work!

My big question now is: after so much touching her hair, should I wash i? And if so, how? I am a bit scared of damaging her hair with the soap or drying it wrong. Any advice?


Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

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Finally… Holidays!!

Finally the day arrived! My holidays =D

I’m finishing my luggage right now. I thought of many clothes I could take with me but when I packed some of the presents I bought for my mother and sister, the space in my suitcase was over! I just can keep a pair of trousers, my converses and some t-shirts… luckily, my sister and I wear the same size so I will have no problem with that. We have agreed that I bring her presents and she lets me some of her beautiful clothes =P

2012-09-26 19.23.51

How can I manage to put all I need in my suitcase? Hanako is having the same problem.


I will do it!


I will have only a few hours of sleep today. In less than four hours, I will be leading to the airport…

2012-09-26 20.14.40

In Spain, my parents and family are ready waiting for me! And they have looooots of yummy food to celebrate Christmas ^^

I also have some new fabrics waiting for me there, so I hope this will be a very productive holiday, I have lots of projects in mind! During the following days I will still writing new posts and uploading patterns, so keep an eye =)

And now, it is better if I go on with my luggage just in case I’m forgetting something important.

If you are reading this in the morning, I will be flying, with destination Spain. Wish me a safe travel =)

2012-09-26 20.04.53

See you!


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Quick update


This is only a quick post to let you know that I’m here =) I am sorry about today, I was meant to upload a new pattern but I didn’t have time to do it. Preparing my luggage, doing some Chistmas shopping, house keeping, etc… but I have loads of ideas in my head and I will start working on them again on Tuesday =D

So much things to do!!

Oh! and, remember my ToDo list at the end of this post? I went to the park and it was closed…so no more chances to take any picture on it. On the other side, I thought of many more designs I would like ToDo now’ list and the ‘ToDo in the future’ one. Wow!

With this said, I hope you are also fine, happy and ready for the next tutorial =P Thanks a lot for your visits and comments, they are very motivating!


Enjoy and see you soon!

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Struggling my head

Here I am, struggling my head about the new outfits! There is a specific dress that is making me have extra work. I’m not gonna say yet what is this about, but I really wanted to make one of this for my Ddung =D

I have no idea how this kind of dresses are done. I’ve been looking for tutorials about how to make them for real people and watching videos in Youtube and more or less I took the idea… I couldn’t find much detailed information, but I’ll manage anyhow.

I will only give you a clue on what my new dress will be, I am sure any of you will guess it! With this and some more things you already know about me, you should guess…=)


And here I continue, drawing, trying, drawing again… and as I only have those two pieces of fabric, I can not take the risk of doing it wrong… I have only one chance! I think I will have to definitely look for the way of obtaining bigger pieces of fabric. I was thinking about a kind of sponsor that could provide me with beautiful and different fabrics for my projects and in exchange I could refer to his webpage in every post. Have you ever done something like that? Do you know someone who could help or a better way of doing that.


At the moment, I have some fabrics that will let me continue with this for some time, but I’m afraid this is arriving to an end, I have to find something soon! =D


And for those moments of stress, my brain needs extra sugar! (those babies are delicious! =P)

Also, in a few days I will have my holidays and I’m already doing the planning . Nowadays, my ToDo list for Christmas looks as follows:

– Take some pictures in a beautifully decorated-for-Christmas park (It has to be tomorrow!)

– Finish designing my patterns for Christmas (I have 3 outfits in mind, I’m not gonna say until they are ready! =P)

– Complete section ‘Doll measurements’ in the blog

– Look for fabrics, threads, buttons…

– Get another doll

– Think about how to get better pictures

And think this is enough! Now is time to relax and rest of this busy week. I will go and celebrate a friend’s birthday and get ready for a good start tomorrow. Enjoy your friday and see you all soon! Hugs! 😉



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Smell like Christmas!


Christmas is almost here but what is already here is Winter, bbbrrrrrr! I actually can not complain because  Winter here is being better than Summer (in Summer it was raining every day =( ) but is quite cold. So I made an outfit for Hanako according to the season.


This one is not new, I mean, I made it before creating the blog but still didn’t show you, so thought that now was a good moment ^^

cold_face cold_side

This one was quite difficult for me, I never made long sleeves and as it is so tiny was a bit complicated. I also wanted her to have earmuffs. Those were one of the very first things I bought when arrived to Ireland, you don’t   need them in the south of Spain from where I am, and it was something totally new for me, so warm! ^^ So yes, I did also a pair of earmuffs for Hanako matching with her dress.


And soon… I’m going on holidays back to Spain =D =D Christmas, Christmas! I’m looking forward to it, I want to visit my family, enjoy all the good food =P, see my friends… look for Christmas presents! I will also have more free time so I will look for fabrics and stuff in order to keep going with more new dresses to show you. So many things to do!


And what about you? What are your plans for Christmas? Do you have your presents ready? Don’t be late and enjoy!!

See you =)


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