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How it started

When Hanako arrived, the only fabric I had at home were colourful pieces of felt, so that is how I started making outfits for her. I remember when I was a child making clothes for my doll’s and my sister’s with very simple patterns. Also, I learnt crochet and then made some hats and some other dresses for our dolls. Since then, I haven’t make any other kind of clothing, but I have continued my love for sewing making lots of brooches and stuff with felt ♥

As I was saying, I only had felt at the moment and really wanted to create something for her, so there I went: my first costume in felt =) It was inspired on Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland

This dress is really easy to do. Once I managed to draw the pattern it was a piece of cake =D Also, if you make it in felt, as you don’t have to hem, is very quick. On my next tutorial I will show you what pattern did I use and how with some small changes it can result in different outfits!

Hanako in Wonderland

When this one was finished I got hooked, and wanted another one. Then I continued with another costume, this time was SnowWhite’s turn.


This one was also quite simple and easy to do. Both are made with a similar pattern, just adjusting how big or narrow do you want the skirt and the lenght of it. In order to add more variety, you can also use different kinds of fabric and the results will be awesome. Those two pictures below were also made out of the ‘Alice’ pattern. I added some lace, a nice hat and some other details and she looks very cute. I got the fabric from some clothes of my chilhood, lovely memories =P

Lion dress

Next Sunday I will show you what pattern did I use and you’ll see how easy it is! Then add your imagination, include beads, ribbons, whatever you think off and create a new one ^^  I am willing to see your creations!

See you soon!


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This is Hanako, my Ddung

Hi everyone. This is Hanako. She’s my first Ddung and is a ‘mini’. Hanako means ‘Girl of the flowers’ in Japanese. She’s going to be the star of this blog as she’s the model for all my creations ^^

My name is Hanako

I knew these dolls by chance when I was looking for amigurumi and nuigurumi tutorials, then she appeared.What a beautiful doll, it’s so simple and so cute at the same time!I have to say I tried to avoid her at the beginning but somehow I always found myself looking for more pictures and images of this charming doll. Finally, I couldn’t resist: that same day I ordered mine =D

It wasn’t very easy for me to decide where to buy. The official page is in Korean and that was an inconvenient for me. I also saw her on Ebay, there were lots of them but some didn’t look very authentic. I was afraid of buying one and later find out that the clothes where hot glued to her body or the head wasn’t fully covered of hair… After some meditation and remembering my dad’s tips on how to buy on Ebay, I decided to buy this one, the number 10.


She only took two weeks to arrive from Hong Kong, I was expecting to get between three or four weeks since I placed my order, so that was a huge surprise! She was delivered to my work place. ‘Ana, there’s a packet here for you’, ‘Huh?’. The pink box was wrapped inside a bigger cardboard one, it was light and something was moving inside. At that time I was only expecting some books, but they should be heavier. I opened it and saw her, ‘Oh! =D’.

Almost a month after her arrival, I came back to Spain to visit my family and took her with me. My sister knows that I love Stitch and has this beautiful present for me ^^

my sister's present

 She also spent some time making new friends. This Pinocchio was a gift from my sister to my mom. She bought it in her trip to Italy =)

making friends with pinocchio

I stayed in Spain for a week and collected some old clothes from my childhood. I won’t wear them anymore and they weren’t in good condition to be donated, so I kept the better parts and made some nice dresses out of them. Do you want to know how it turned? I’ll talk about it soon =)

With this I conclude today’s post. I would love to hear about your dollies, so you can introduce them in the comments. Which ones do you have? Are you planning to buy one?

funny faces

See you! =D


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How to make a dungaree for your mini Ddung

We are going live! This is my first post and I am going to start with this. So far, everything I’ve made for her were dresses but I want her to have more variety. I love this kind of clothing but found it difficult to make… so I decided to give it a try to see what happens! It didn’t come out too badly! =P

Hanako with her new dungaree

First of all, it was time of improving my technic. Just wrapping my doll with paper and draw over it was not a good idea any more. I draw her small body in a piece of paper and measure her. Definitely I can say now that it was very useful. You can find this information in the ‘Doll measurements’ section.

Once I did this, I took another piece of paper and started drawing the different pieces that make up the dungaree. This time I didn’t use my doll at all. I have to say that drawing the pattern this time was much easier that for the other outfits, contrary of what I thought first. Measures are in centimetres (click to enlarge):

Dungaree pattern

As mini Ddung is so ‘mini’ you don’t need a very big piece of fabric, even if you do not have enough fabric of the same type you can combine several scratches ;). In future post I will show you what kind of fabrics do I use. This time I used this small rectangle, all the pieces fit perfectly:Fabric needed

Now arrives the fun part! Transfer the model into the fabric, cut the pieces and start sewing.Messing around

Remember to add extra fabric to the pattern as you will need to hem, make sure to add enough fabric to fold. Remember also the extra fabric to attach the button 😉

When ready, baste the different parts, check everything is correct and sew the permanent stitches.

This is how I baste the bib:

The bib

And these are the long strap for the waist and the hem of one of the legs:

Parts of the outfit

After basting, apply the definitive stitches. In this case I use purple thread and try to make small stitches of the same size. I don’t have a sewing machine so the outfit it’s totally handmade. Be patient! =)

Here you can see the small purple stitches, keep in mind that this need to be completed with another row. There should be no spaces between stitches, just a purple line. When finished, removed the baste (the pink thread in my case).Small stitches

Once I have the individual parts ready, I begin joining the different parts. Here I messed up a bit and that’s why I don’t have any photo =P Now I’ve learned that it’s easier if you sew in first place the front part of the legs (the part that adjust the belly), then sew the long strap to the upper part of the legs and finally you sew the inner part of the legs so you end up with the two cylinder for the legs. You don’t have to sew the bottom part as we will use a button or velcro to close it.

Last steps, yayyy

As you will see in the above picture, I used a black button and a black ribbon for the suspenders. I didn’t mention it in the patterns, the ribbons are 3 cm long the visible part plus 1 cm in each edge, so I used a total of 10 cm of black ribbon.

How was it? Could you finish? Voilà!

Her new outfit is ready =D Do you like it? Do you have any difficulties?


 I will answer in the comments. See you soon! =D


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